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E-Filing System
The E-Filing System platform provides a means to facilitate and process the submission of applications and supporting documentations through the internet for the purposes of admitting to the Bond Connect scheme. The E-Filing system enables prospective overseas investors to submit applications and Bond Connect Company Limited (BCCL) to provide admission assistance and guidance during onboarding process.

Release Notes (15 June 2020)
What type of user are you:
User Admin
Each eligible incorporated entity shall have only one user admin account to manage all users under the entity. User admin will be able to open access right to eligible users, and lock or unlock user accounts.

User Guide for User Admin (15 June 2020)
User account is mainly used to submit applications and supporting documentations through E-Filing System. Each entity could have multiple user accounts to manage onboarding applications. To register as a user, please obtain an entity BC code from user admin.
User Guide for User (15 June 2020)
Steps and Procedure:
Step 1
Register as User Admin. Once the registration is approved by BCCL Admin, a unique BC code will be sent to the registered email address.
Step 2
Register as a User with BC code obtained from User Admin. User Admin to grant approval to User.
Step 3
Start application process, with BCCL admin's review and guidance for form optimization. Upon finalisation, signed forms with either official seal or signature will be submitted to PBOC via BCCL.
Step 4
Collect Official Filing Notice if application is approved; or conduct necessary filing form revision and provision of supplementary documents if requested by PBoC.
Step 5
Upload any outstanding files as required by BCCL to ensure proper operational setup.